By becoming a Wünderbike Member you will have access to free bicycles!


 Please read through the membership Code of Honour before registering. Details on completing your membership application can be found at the bottom of this page.

Membership Code Of Honour

 I will ride safely. When using a Wünderbike I promise to obey the rules of the road as outlined on the Better Biking page. I will wear a helmet, use lights when applicable and yield to pedestrians. I will not bike recklessly. I will signal when I am turning and stop at street lights, stop signs and cross walks.

I will treat the Wünderbike as if it were my own. I will return it in the same condition that I received it in, if not better. If I damage the bike and I am unable to fix it I will tell a Wünderbike volunteer when I return it. I will lock up the Wünderbike whenever it is out of my sight. If I notice a problem with a Wünderbike and I am unable to fix it, I will tell a Wünderbike volunteer.

I will return the Wünderbike in a timely manner. I recognise that many volunteers spent many hours building and maintaining these bikes so that I could use them for free and I respect their hard work. I will return the Wünderbike when promised and if I will be returning the bike late for any reason I will  email or call a Wünderbike volunteer immediately.

I will behave appropriately. I recognise that I represent the Wünderbike program when I am riding a Wünderbike and as a result I will set a good example, be courteous to all motorists/cyclists/pedestrians and be conscious of how and where I am riding.

I will do something good for my community. I will pass on the goodness that I have received. I am grateful for this opportunity to borrow a bike for free. To show my gratitude I will do something good to perpetuate a cycle of giving. It may be as small as picking up rubbish on the sidewalk and putting it in a recycling bin. It may be as large as volunteering for an organisation that I care about. It may be as easy as giving koha.

You may register to become a Wünderbike member by:

 Filling out the online form below


 signing up at the Aro Valley Community Centre Office, 48 Aro Street, Aro Valley, Wellington. 

Open Hours are Monday-Friday 10am-2pm


signing up at the The Mechanical Tempest, 128 Abel Smith Street, Aro Valley, Wellington

Open Hours are Monday-Friday 6pm-8pm


I am ready to complete the Membership Form


Wellington Timebank members are welcome to use Wünderbikes.


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