Friday, November 8, 2013

Getting things rolling

Wellington Wunderbikes is a program that was conceived by the Mechanical Tempest, Wellingtons's DIY Community Bike Shop and nurtured by the Aro Valley Community Centre.

It is the beginning of something wonderful and we need your help to make it happen.

So what is Wellington Wunderbike?
-It's a free bike lending program. Anyone can register to borrow one of 5 bicycles (which live at the Aro Valley Community Centre). The bike comes with a lock, helmet and lights. All we need from you is a small deposit. Once you've signed up you can use the bike for a quick errand, a day of casual riding or a weekend bike trip. It's yours to enjoy. When you are all done you can lock up the bike at the community centre so that someone else can make use of it.

How can you help?
-We are in need some supplies to get the program going. We are searching for extra bike lights, helmets or tools. If you have any of these things and you'd be willing to donate them please drop them off at the Aro Valley Community Centre (48 Aro Street) or at the Mechanical Tempest (128 Abel Smith Street) and clearly label it "Wunderbike."
-Get involved with the program. Message us on Facebook ( or stop by the community centre or the Mechanical Tempest. We'd love more input, ideas and enthusiasm for Wunderbike.

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