Friday, January 24, 2014

Look out for wunderbikes!

We just had a great meeting about Wunderbikes so we figured we should fill you all in on the latest news.

First of all, big thanks to Garage Project and Pete's mom for pledging the awesome amount of $100 to the Wunderbike campaign, as a result both parties will get to name a bike!

Thing two, we took the Wunderbike project for a little test ride (two women borrowed the bikes for a few days). Some of us were fortunate enough to bump into them unexpectedly at multiple locations around Wellington. The wunderful test subjects enjoyed their biking time and expressed great enthusiasm for the project and then they returned the bikes to our temporary Wunderbike parking spot outside of the Mechanical Tempest!

And last but not least, our WUNDERBIKE LAUNCH DATE is set for February 16th. It will happen in tandem with Wellington Ciclovia and in collaboration with our friends at Frocks on Bikes. More information will be coming soon.

designed by Stacey Kerr and Pepper Curry

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